Asperger’s and Friends

How to make Friends with a person who has Asperger

Asperger’s and Friends
Tips on making friends
Autism and Making Friends
Five Question about Autism
Temple Grandin Discusses Autism Spectrum
Top 10 Famous People With Autism

Famous People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism can be challenging, but there are many people on the spectrum who have achieved great heights.

Autism spectrum disorder is a diagnosis that is characterized by differences from the general population in social skills, communication skills, as well as the presence of certain behaviors which may look atypical from other people. These behaviors are known as restrictive or repetitive behaviors.

ASD Traits Can Contribute to Accomplishing Great Things

No matter what traits of autism you or your loved one may have, a person with autism has their own unique strengths and abilities. There are many famous people with autism spectrum disorder who have used their strengths and abilities to achieve success, fame, or to accomplish amazing things.

Autistic People who got Famous

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